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Fisheries Videos

Georgia Sea Grant's YouTube channel is full of educational and informative videos.

Below you can access our "Fisheries Videos" to get a better idea of the history of fishing industries along the coast and the procedures and regulations that ensure their sustainability. 

The Big Boy TED: Designed and created by a Georgia shrimping family, the Big Boy TED, the latest innovation in Turtle Excluder Devices, received national certification in 2012 and is capable of reducing overall bycatch by 46% 

A Century of Shrimping: Portrait of an American Industry: This 2001 video, which was selected as a "FINesse Award Winner - for Consumer Education" from the National Fisheries Institute, looks at the evolution of the shrimp industry, as well as the modern day challenges that face this commercial industry.
Requirements and Procedures for Inspecting Turtle Excluder Devices (TEDs): This video provides step-by-step instructions for fishermen and law enforcement officers on the proper procedure for checking a Turtle Excluder Device (TED) to ensure that sea turtles can escape while still maintaining the highest shrimp retention rates possible.
Shrimp Trawls Design and Performance: This 1984 film, intended for commercial shrimp fishermen, examines various net designs through a variety of underwater experiments which focus on improving the performance & efficiency of the shrimp net.

Underwater Investigations of Bycatch Reduction Devices: This 1998 summary research video examines the fisheye bycatch reduction and turtle excluder devices with underwater video in Texas waters.

Fishing All My Days: This 1986 film, produced by WUFT-TV Gainesville, FL, and the Bureau of Florida Folklife Programs, provides information about the history, myths, superstitions and economic outlook for Florida's shrimp fishermen. Including many interesting facts about shrimping, this historical film was created before Turtle Excluder Devices (TEDs) were required in the U.S.

Harvesting Georgia Shrimp: This 1986 film documents a day in the life of a commercial shrimp fisherman and includes many interesting facts about shrimping.

Knot Orientation: What is it and is it important?: This 2000 video examines how knot orientation in shrimp webbing affects the performance of flaps and turtle excluding devices.

Effects of Knot Orientation on Trawl Webbing - NOAA: This 2000 National Marine Fisheries Service video examines how knot orientation in shrimp webbing affects the performance of flaps and turtle excluding devices.

Requisitos y Procedimientos para Inspeccionar Dispositivos Excluidores de Tortugas (DETs) - NOAA: Éste video muestra en detalle a pescadores y agentes del orden público como correctamente revisar, paso a paso, un Dispositivo Excluidor de Tortugas (DET) para asegurar que las tortugas marinas puedan escapar mientras se asegura la producción máxima de camarones.